Sarah is an internationally published and syndicated music journalist, writer, and photographer based in New York City. Originally from Portland, Oregon, she first began interviewing bands who came through on tour and shooting shows for local publications before she moved onto publishing interviews and photo essays with larger national and international publications, shooting for record labels, and traveling the country to cover music festivals. She is a regular writer at Refinery29 spanning topics from politics and social issues to entertainment news to fashion where her work has been regularly syndicated by Yahoo and MSN. She specializes in candid, live music, tour, and portrait photography. Available for assignments internationally, festivals, and touring.

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Outlets: Refinery29, Rolling Stone (print and online), New York Magazine, Yahoo!, Paste, tmrw magazine (print and online), MSN, Local Wolves, The Wild Honey Pie, Digital Trends, Vortex Magazine, Stitched Sound, Elite Daily, & The Manual.

Any inquiries about rates, touring, show coverage, sessions, or general questions; use contact form on contact page.